Chapter One
The Big Swear Word Fight

“Why can’t I say the f-word?” James Maginn said? “I’m waiting for an answ- “FOR THE 100000000TH TIME, YOU’RE TOO YOUNG.” his dad, Robin Maginn, said.  “B-b-but I am fourteen, Robin.” James replied. “You’re acting like a five year old!!!” Robin spat. Jonn, or John, entered the family room with Mary. Mary was James and Jonn’s mother. “Clear up about the f-word,  James.” she said. Before anyone  noticed it, Robin got a huge pile of talking dolls. He took one from the pile. “#@$&!” Mary took it away. Robin grabbed another one from the pile. Then she took  all of the talking dolls.  Then she heard a call from James, John, and 30 other kids. “We’re playing chess. ” Robin expected to see 16 groups of 2 playing chess, but instead, he saw all 32 people on a giant chessboard. Then James walked off the board, to one side. Jordan, playing as a pawn, took his place. “What are they doing calling themselves pawns and knights?” Robin asked Mary. “It’s called human chess. Where humans move like chess pieces on a giant board.” replied Mary.

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