A while back, I had just recently killed the Wall of Flesh, having played a 100% run before that. I had to do the dishes, but when I logged on again, my base was gone. The Guide was present, even though there was no house for him to respawn into. “It’s probably a glitch. I keep backups anyway.” I went to sleep that night, and kept having scary dreams about the Mechanic and the Clothier. “Why those two NPCs, though?” I thought as I woke up. I usually didn’t have dreams about Terraria. Then I realized that they both originated in the Dungeon. I logged on to the game to check the dungeon, thinking the Mechanic or Clothier had done something, and found the Clothier in his cursed state at the entrance of the dungeon. I decided to kill Skeletron because I had hardmode gear anyway, so I could get access to the dungeon. After checking the Dungeon and finding Mechanic, assuring that she did nothing wrong, I went to spawn to build houses for NPCs, and found the Guide just approaching me. Very slowly. I decided, “Frick it,” and went to load the backup, but it was missing. I checked my other backup folder. Missing. I loaded the world, and immediately, the Guide started approaching me. The bottom half of his sprite started flickering between the correct sprite and a Wall of Flesh icon. “AI glitch”, I thought, trying to explain it away as glitchy behaviour. Then, my health started going down. The Guide was now flickering between the correct sprite, Mechanic, and Clothier, Health: 160. 140. I really didn’t know what was going on. The screen got darker, as if the Moon Lord was about to spawn. 100. 80. The Guide only identifiable by his tooltip now was reaching the tree I was standing next to. 40. 20. 10. 5. 2. 1. The world went black, except for the mess of sprite data that was the Guide, which landed upon the Guide’s correct sprite, but with red eyes, saying “You are a terrible person,” which I recognized as the doll’s tooltip. Okay, maybe you’re a bit mad at me for killing you with a voodoo doll, but come on! The world is reset, you’re brand new, and you’re still mad at me? My computer crashed three minutes later, and I was left still questioning the Guide, like “Why did you crash my computer!?” I haven’t fought the Wall of Flesh in any other world, even when I was about to before this happened, since then.

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