The game is played with a balloon.

The field is 40 yards long and looks like this.

Two teams with up to 14 out of 30 players each play the gameimage


Going outside your team’s area

Intentionally hitting the balloon against the ground

Carrying the balloon

Trying to pop the balloon

Intentionally throwing the balloon to the other team



When the balloon touches the ground, the team that dropped the balloon scores a point.

When 40 points scored, or otherwise at the 8 foul mark, the game ends.

The final scoring is this way: -10 points for each pass of 4 yards or more,

+2 points for each foul, and the team with the least points wins.


Passing the balloon.

You pass the balloon to another player by doing the non-foul carry (bouncing the balloon between your hands) while running towards the other player, then throwing the balloon towards the player. 


If the balloon goes over the edge of the field, that is a home run. (-4 points)


New non foul carry

Spinning the balloon by the knot at the bottom.

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