on Monday I went to school. I did chores, and then I played. Nothing really happened on Tuesday, so on Wednesday, a similar thing happened to on Monday, except i went to World History instead of Spanish. on Tuesday we had an argument about niceness. so Now I say…


Formation of the Solar System:

See that asteroid? We exist because the gravity of that one next to it nudged it a bit to the right.


Asteroids collected up in a big ball called Tellus.

Tierra, an object the size of Mars, was on a collision course with Tellus. The impact destroyed both planets and the debris formed the Earth and the Moon. Seas and oceans formed on the Earth.

We are jumping ahead to 65 million years ago. Remember that asteroid? When it got nudged an inch to the left? Here it comes.




By Robin

Idea by Neil deGrasse Tyson from Cosmos.


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